Average Settlement For a Car Accident Back and Neck injury

What is the average payout for neck and back injury in an auto accident?

Involved in an auto accident and want to know the average settlement for an auto/car accident back and neck injury?

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If you or anyone close to you had to deal with a car accident, then you must know about the suffering and losses it creates.

The medical expenses, the financial losses, physical pain, and mental trauma that follows a car, accident are generally more than needed to leave you overwhelmed and panicked.

However, though it may feel very difficult at the moment, it is very important to not to lose your courage because a little patience and a few right decisions at the right time can make a big difference in the way all this situation falls upon you.

So, it’s time to stop panicking and think rationally in the direction of overcoming the situation.

Now it’s time to take legal action so as to recover from the various losses that were caused because of the car accident.

Settlement for a car accident

Though no amount of money can compensate for the physical pain, trauma, and mental stress that the accident caused to you, still, at least you can get relief from the financial part of the suffering by demanding recovery money from your insurance company and the driver responsible for your losses i.e., claiming a settlement.

A car accident back and neck injury settlement is compensation for all the losses that you had to go through that the other driver who was involved in the accident, and responsible for it, has to pay.

This money may also be paid by your insurance company in case it covers car accidents. However, it will be better to take the help of a professional attorney who deals with such accident cases as it is only his/he help that can enable you to receive a decent settlement.

Though there are numerous losses which are associated with a car accident and which need to be compensated for, in this article, we will be putting special stress on the car accident neck and back injuries in particular.

How are neck and back injuries caused in a car accident?

Our neck and back are two of the most sensitive areas of our body. Our neck is the meeting point of our brain and spinal cord, and as you know, both of which are very vital for the functioning of our body. As a result, even the slightest injury in these areas may cause intolerable pain and can disturb the normal functioning of the body.

Neck and back injuries are the most common types of injuries that can be caused during a car accident, especially in rear-end accidents. When a car traveling at a certain speed is struck from a rigid obstacle, all the momentum of your car vanishes almost instantly, but your body keeps moving more or less in the same way. However, your seat, seatbelt, dashboard and other stuff around don’t allow the movement. As a result, your neck and back muscles have to go through immense force and stress, which they can’t generally endure. This rests in neck and back injuries, which are particularly called “whiplashes” when caused due to an automobile accident.

Proper medical detection can increase settlement from an accident neck and back injury

Just like other medical issues, car accident neck and back injuries also deserve a decent settlement. While slight injuries can give you small compensation, large settlements can be charged for severe neck and back injuries and permanent disabilities.

However, a car accident neck and back injury are sometimes hard to detect and you may not be able to discover them for days. That’s why you must visit a doctor immediately after the accident without wasting much time. Only a trained doctor will be able to diagnose the injury at the right time. This will not only enable proper treatment, but the medical report will also enable you to claim for a settlement.

The average settlement for a car accident neck and back injury

The average settlement for neck and back injury can range from about  $ 10,000 for a minor injury to nearly $ 60,000 for injuries requiring major surgeries.

The average settlement, though, lies between $ 10,000 to $ 20,000. A settlement of $ 10,000 can be drawn for herniated disks from rear-end collision and $ 100,000 for bulging discs.

The amount of money that can be recovered for neck and back injuries resulting from a car accident depends on a few factors.

For example, if during the accident one was hit from behind, then it may be easier to claim settlement because it proves that you don’t hold any responsibility for the accident.

Moreover, if the defendant is found to have consumed alcohol, then the settlement definitely increases.

Also, a good lawyer for car wrecks will also ensure a good settlement by emphasizing even your smallest injuries and providing solid evidence to supplement them.

Damages you can recover from a neck or back injury auto accident settlement

For those who injured their back in a car accident, they can recover the below types of damages:

  • Current lost income
  • Future lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Emotional pain
  • Past medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Property damage

The more an attorney can prove any of the above damages, the higher the average settlement for a car accident neck and back injury will be.

Get a free accident injury consultation

Whenever you have a car accident you should immediately consult and hire a lawyer to get you the settlement you deserve.

Hiring the right lawyer will definitely increase the amount of car accident back and neck injury settlement.

Remember that lawyers handle injury cases on a contingency basis so do not worry about paying out of pocket for an attorney.

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