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Boat accidents can happen to anyone at any time and when they do happen you need to protect your right by hiring the best boat accident lawyer to protect your right.

Boat accidents are usually caused because of negligence on the boat operator’s part, such as over-crowding the boat, speeding, and alcohol consumption.

Boat accidents can cause a lot of trauma and potentially fatal injuries to people and they may even cause some lifelong damages to those injured.

But attorneys for boating accidents are quite rare.

A boat accident lawyer is an expert who deals with any sort of boat accident. A boating accident lawyer analyzes your case and comes with ways to win the case for you.

Good boating accident lawyers and boat accident attorneys can help the victims get due compensation for their injuries, and can also get the accused boat operator punished, which will deliver justice to the victims.

How can boating accident lawyers help you?

Boat accidents can occur due to various reasons like intoxicated boat operators, unskilled boat operators, incorrect sitting positions of passengers, or boating during dangerous weather conditions.

Whatever the reason is, a boat accident may cause permanent trauma to the victims.

During this time, if somebody tries to take legal action, then the right person for them to approach to represent them is a boat accident attorney.

The right boat accident lawyers have good experience in handling such cases.

They can help the victims get due compensation, and help them recover medical expenses.

The accident attorneys can refer victims to get treatment before the case settles.

They can get your car fixed and deal with your insurance company while you focus on getting better.

How to find the right boat accident attorney near you?

You can find a boat accident attorney near you by doing a google search or asking friends or family of yours.

Look at your city and state bar association website.

Remember to hire a boating accident lawyer who understands your case and is experienced in this field.

The right comfort level with the accident lawyer can ease the communication barrier and will eventually strengthen your case.

Choosing the right boat accident lawyers

However trivial it may seem, choosing the correct boat accident lawyer is of paramount importance.

While choosing boating accident lawyers, it is important to inquire if they are well-versed with the local rules and laws that apply to boat operators.

If they aren’t, then the chances of you getting compensation are reduced.

By knowing these rules, the accident attorney will be able to fight your case more effectively.

The boat accident lawyer should be talented enough to collect proper evidence against the wrongdoer.

Even if the victim is partially at fault, the best lawyer for the boat accident should be qualified and seasoned enough to help you get at least some compensation.

Damage recoveries a lawyer can get you after boat accidents

When involved in a boat accident there are a different type of damages you are entitled to if you have the right lawyer representing you.

Below are some of them.

  • Past and future medical damages
  • Damages for pain and sufferings
  • Damages for both past and future lost wages
  • Property damages
  • Punitive damages
  • Emotional damages
  • Loss of consortium

In order to claim and win most of the above damages, you need to have the best boat accident lawyers representing you.

The right experienced and skilled injury legal representation is the best way to maximize your financial claim.

Boat accidents

A boat accident is a boat collision with other boats, dock, and people.

These accidents can happen when a boat is entering into or exiting from a dock or out in the open sea.

Also, it can include people falling overboard, dying onboard, capsizing, and the boat colliding with another vessel or object.

An accident on a boat can be legally tried in court if it causes fatal injuries or death to the victims, or their kin, respectively.

Now, in that case, the first question would be who to approach.

Are normal lawyers capable of handling boat accident cases?

While they may accept the case, you need to hire the right specialized legal professionals personal injury attorneys( can be called boat accidents attorneys too) who handle accident cases boat accidents.

Boating accident statistics

The U.S. Coast Guard every year releases boating statistics that reveal boating fatalities nationwide.

According to a report for the 2016 stats boating accident, fatality totaled 701, a 12% increase from 2015.

In this report, they also reported that 80% of boating accident victims drowned.

For the 2017 boating accident report, the top five accidents are collision with recreational vessels was 1145, collision with a fixed object was 470,  flooding/swamping was 435, grounding was 368, and falls overboard was 306.  also, open motorboat and canoe/kayak accounted for the type of vessels with the highest fatal fatality death.

If you or someone you know was involved in any of the mentioned types of boat collisions, call the number on the website to be connected with a boat accident law firm for a FREE case evaluation.

Be aware of the boat accidents statute of limitations

The statute of limitations for boating accidents in the United States normally depends on the state in which the accident took place in.

There are many statutes of limitations that have been laid out to help the victims get their due compensation and justice.

We have tried to list some of them that we feel are important.

They are as follows:

State laws and federal laws

Here, usually, the states have the power to decide the timeline for filing a case in court.

The timeline depends on the state in which the accident occurred.

So, in a nutshell, the cases filed in a particular state abide by the laws of that state.

Maritime laws

This law allows a filing period of three years for filing a lawsuit against the boat operator seeking appropriate compensation.

This law is applicable to all states.

That is, Maritime law takes precedence over state law in federal waters.  

Many states have even allowed the plaintiffs to file lawsuits against government agencies causing them injuries.

However, the filing time duration is six months in most of the states.

All the states have laws to convict a boat operator operating a boat under the influence of any intoxicating material.

Please speak with an accident attorney who is versed in your state law.

Comparative law can help you get compensation even when at fault

On some occasions, the boat operator is not completely at fault for the accident caused; the injured party may also bear some of the liability.

Given other over-riding factors, the victim himself/herself may be partially at fault for the accident caused.

However, in some states, the comparative law is normally in favor of the injured victim.

If you hire the right boat accident law firm, then you may get some compensation even if you are partially at fault.

According to comparative law, an injured person, even though partially at fault, can get compensation for the accident.

Expert lawyers for boat accident can help you to get your due compensation.

What to do after a boat crash?

Boating accidents can be very stressful and traumatic, but it is important to take certain steps after a boat crash.

After a boat accident, it is most important to seek aid for any injured parties.  

Following that, critical information, such as the operator’s name, boat name, and names of witnesses should be recorded.

Relevant officials, such as the Coast Guard or local law enforcement should also be contacted, as applicable.  

 This information will be critical in the event a lawsuit is to be filed.

Contact an accident attorney too.

These attorneys typically handled this type of case on contingency fee arrangements.

So you don’t have to worry about paying for an attorney upfront.

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You deserve compensation for your injuries.