Car Accident Lawyer Fees: How Much Does An Accident Attorney Cost

Learn The Average Cost of Accident Attorneys

Before getting legal representation for your accident, you definitely want to know that car accident lawyer fee structure.

  1. Learn The Average Cost of Accident Attorneys
  2. How Car Accident Lawyer Fees Are Determined
  3. So, What’s The Average Attorney Percentage Charge?
  4. Does It Worth It To Pay A Lawyer?
  5. Find out The Exact Lawyer Fee For Your Particular Case?

If you had a car accident and you are the victim (i.e. you were not the wrongdoer), then you are on the stronger side.

If that is the case, then you are recommended to hire a pro.

And it is very important that you understand the average car accident lawyer fees and how they paid so that you can make an informed decision when negotiating with a law firm for an accident injury claim.

How Car Accident Lawyer Fees Are Determined

Thanks to the attorney contingency fee payment arrangement, you do not have to pay any retainer or a flat fee with most personal injury and car accident lawyers.

With this type of lawyer fee payment system, the lawyer doesn’t take any upfront fees from you.

The attorney will only take a percentage of the settlement amount only and if they win your case.

Since the lawyer will gain more, according to the settlement money he or she is able to get, he or she is usually incentivized to work harder on the case to increase the money they will get.

So, What’s The Average Attorney Percentage Charge?

The car accident lawyer fee is generally a clearly defined fraction or percentage of the total settlement money.

This percentage may vary from state to state and lawyer to lawyer, however, the average car accident lawyer fee is between 25-40%, the standard percentage is 33.33% (or simply one-third).

For example, if your lawyer has agreed to take a contingency fee of 33.33%, on raising settlement money of $ 36,000, the lawyer will charge $ 12,000 as his fee.

You should ensure that the contingency fee is charged only over the money standing after subtracting the other expenses including filing charges, depositions, expert witness fees, postage, etc.

The percent of contingency fee taken by your car accident lawyer also depends on the stage of your case.

If the guilty party agrees to your settlement terms without the need for any actual jury/court trial, then your lawyer may charge a lower contingency fee percentage.

However, in case things don’t go that easy and your lawyer has to file a suit in the court and fight your case till the very end, then your lawyer might demand a higher contingency fee of up to 40% of the settlement money.

So, it is integral for you to clearly understand your personal injury lawyer fee structure and various terms and conditions related to his charges before signing a contract with him or her.

Does It Worth It To Pay A Lawyer?

You may ask does it worth it to pay a car accident attorney fees insead of handling your case yourself.

Though it is true that lawyers charge a lot, but still sometimes you are trapped in situations where you are left with no option other than calling a lawyer to help you out.

Trying to handle car accident claims by yourself is not recommended as there are so many laws and strategies in getting the insurance companies to pay you more you.

Even though, the defendant may be legally compelled to pay a settlement amount to compensate for your pain and suffering.

To claim maximum settlement, the help of a well-experienced car accident lawyer is recommended.

And yes, your accident lawyer fees will take a portion of the total settlement amount but his or her representation will worth it if you hire the right one.

Find out The Exact Lawyer Fee For Your Particular Case?

Every case is different and as such the price a car accident lawyer will charge you vary.

The only way to know what you will pay exactly is to speak with a lawyer to discuss your case and negotiate the fees before proceeding.

The best way to really know the specific car accident lawyer fee for your case is to call us now to be connected for a free case evaluation.

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