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FL Personal Injury & Accidents
FL Personal Injury & Accidents

Florida Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer

Learn About Florida Car Accident Attorney Assistance And Get More Information For Motorcycle, 18 Wheeler, Semi Truck, Bus, Pedestrian, Train, Boat, Bicycle Accident, and Other Personal Injury Cases.

Whether you or your loved ones were recently involved in a Florida personal injury or auto accident, a Florida car accident lawyer is your best option in maximizing your financial compensation for the negligence of the defendant. A Florida car accident lawyer is an injury attorney who provides claim assistance in vehicular accident cases such as a car, motorcycle, train, pedestrian, truck/semi truck/18 wheeler/big rigs, bicycle, airplane, bus, atv, and boat etc. Car accident lawyers help their client in recovering losses resulting from an accident through negotiation with the insurance company or court trial. The right Florida car accident attorney will help you to defend your rights in personal injury lawsuits caused by auto accidents which may help you to recover from the injuries swiftly without worry.

Do Not Trust Insurance Companies When Involved In Accident

Whenever you have been involved in a car accident and sustained an injury, than trusting an insurance company or its agent for just compensation is a huge mistake. The insurance company will do its utmost to limit its costs and not pay what you rightly deserve. They will pay you the smallest amount possible. It is always advisable to seek the help of a good Florida car accident lawyer who will try his/her level best to ensure that you get the maximum amount possible by fighting for your best interests in the courtroom. The right Florida personal injury lawyer will help you to defend your rights in personal injury lawsuits caused by auto accidents which may help you to recover from the injuries swiftly without worry.

Important Florida Car Accident Law To Know

The state status of limitations

According to Florida law, when a resident gets into a car accident or personal injury, there is a fixed time period within which a lawsuit must be filed against the party who is at fault for the injury. As per the state status of limitations, the time period is four years. After the expiry of this time period, a lawsuit cannot be filed in the courts.

So when involved in a personal injury or accident contacting Florida car accident lawyers is imperative before time runs fast. You may say well I have for years, however, that is not a good strategy to wait. As time passed by you may lose contact with witnesses which will make your claim more difficult. The right attorney can make your life easy.

Comparative negligence law

There is another Florida personal injury or auto accident law to keep in mind. This law stats If you are also at fault for your injury, then it may affect the compensation for losses. The compensation you are going to receive will be reduced by an amount equivalent to your part of the fault for the accident. This is referred to as FLORIDA’S COMPARATIVE NEGLIGENCE LAW.

Types Of Auto Accident Cases in the State

There are various types of auto accident cases in the state that a Florida car accident lawyer can handle and help you get compensation claims for.

 Florida Motorcycle Accidents Overview

The most common types of motorcycle accidents in Fl that occur are often preventable. Most of the accidents take place at intersections, the most dangerous traffic area. The main types of collisions which result in lawsuits are head-on collisions, left turn collisions, etc. Regardless of the type and causes of your accident injury, you are entitled to property damage and mental and physical injury compensations. So speak with a Florida motorcycle accident law firm to see if they can help you.

Trucking Accidents in Florida Overview (semi trucks and big rigs/18 wheeler accidents)

Florida truck accidents are becoming very common in because of the truck size and the number using the roadway system in states. The truck size and weight make it dangerous for smaller vehicles in collisions. Additionally, truck driver fatigue, poor driving, driving too fast, etc. are the major reasons for truck accidents. The good news is that most truckers carry coverages that more than typical car insurances. However, you still need an experienced semi truck or 18 wheeler accident attorney in Florida expertise to maximize your compensation.

Car Accidents in Florida Overview

The most type of auto accident that a Florida car accident attorney will typically handle the most are car accidents. Car accidents can be due to the fault of drivers as he/she may be distracted by his/her cell phone, music, talking or eating while driving etc.

Bicycle Accidents in Florida Overview

Carelessness and negligence on the part of drivers and bikers have led to various Florida bicycle accidents. The injuries caused can be severe and life-threatening for the biker. one need an experienced lawyer to pursue damage recovery in the accidents

Pedestrian Accidents in Florida Overview

The percentage of pedestrian accidents in the states has risen in recent years. Distracted drivers who fail to observe pedestrians are responsible for these accidents. In these types of accidents, the injuries to the pedestrian could be very severe and could result in loss of life. Regardless of how small or severe your injury are from bike accidents, the best thing to do is to hire the right Florida pedestrian accident lawyer to represent you.

Dog Bites in Florida Overview

The severity of Florida dog bites depends on the force with which they attack. While most of them are scars, but if the dogs take the hard way, they can even break bones and cause amputations. And there are also incidences where a group of dogs altogether kill people. Either way, you are entitled to get compensated for your injuries in the state by holding the owner of the dog accountable.

Overview Of Premises Liability in Florida

Accidents which happen on a premise because of some negligent actions by the property owners are categorized as premises liability. Common Florida premises liabilities are slip and falls, swimming pool accidents, fire, construction accidents etc.

Overview of Slip and Falls in Florida

Major causes of Florida slip and fall accidents are a) slippery and wet floors, b) spilled water near the swimming pools, c) snowy paths, d)broken and damaged stairs, e) obstacles in the paths, and f) poor lights.

Types Of Recoveries a Florida Car Accident Lawyer Can Get You Settlements For

car accident lawyer

When involved in an accident in Florida there are different types of recoveries a Florida car accident lawyer should work diligently to get you compensated for. Such recoveries are:

  • Future and past medical bills
  • Past and future loss of income
  • Punitive damages
  • Property damages
  • Emotion pain and suffering
  • Physical pain and suffering

Ready To Speaks With A Florida Personal Injury or Car Accident Law Firm For Your Motorcycle, Bicycle, Pedestrian, Boat, Train, Truck, or Atv Accident Case?

It is easy to find yourself fighting against the big insurance companies. You don’t have to be alone. So get connected with a Florida personal injury lawyer today to fight for you for your car, motorcycle, truck/semi truck/18 wheeler/big rigs, bicycle, pedestrian, bus, train, atv, and boat case etc.  You deserve to get compensated handsomely for your pain and sufferings. The call and consultation are free to speak with a Florida car accident lawyer.




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