Steps & Checklists of What To Do After A Car Accident Not Your Fault or Your Fault

  1. The ultimate guide to what to do after a car accident not your fault or your fault
  2. What to do after a car accident injury(Car accident what-to-do checklist)
  3. Checklist of what not to do after a car accident
  4. Get help today by discussing your case with a lawyer

The ultimate guide to what to do after a car accident not your fault or your fault

Car accidents happen all the time and you should know what to do after it happens whether they are your fault or not.

Whether you sustained an injury or not there are checklists and steps to take after a car accident that will help your case when you file a claim.

A car accident is something that just jolts away your normally running life and you become exposed to such pain, stress, and financial losses that you hadn’t even dreamt of.

It is never easy to keep yourself from panicking and making illogical decisions during and after the accident scene.

However, another truth is that it is only by keeping calm and making wise decisions, that you’ll be able to deal properly with the case.

So, if you know what you should do and what you shouldn’t after a car accident, not your fault or your fault, you’ll be able to recover easily from your financial losses and avoid any legal complications as well.

So, here in this article, we will be discussing all the important steps or measures you need to take after a car accident. So if you have the question “car accident what to do” this article will help.

What to do after a car accident injury(Car accident what-to-do checklist)

Understanding and knowing what to after a car accident checklist is helpful whenever one gets into a car accident.

Most people do know what to do after these car accidents which might cost them their case later and this why knowing about it is very important.

  1. Stop the car– After confronting the accident, you should immediately stop the car, whoever’s fault it is, and no matter how small the accident may appear. Your flight from the accident spot itself proves you guilty and also takes away any chances for compensation. This can get you trapped in a lawsuit against you, in the future.
  2. Protect the scene and move to safety– A car accident spot can be a hazardous place even after the accident. There may be some further collisions with the following cars. The cars may also explode or catch fire. So, the best thing to do is to light the safety flares of the car and then move to some safer place off the road.
  3. Call the police- You should immediately call the police and seek medical help and call 911.
  4. Check yourselves and your passengers (if any) for injuries– Now that you are at a safer place, and have also called for help, it’s time to look for your injuries. If you are severely injured, then you should not make any useless movements and stay calm. You should also check the condition of your passengers and also of the other driver.
  5. Document the accident– You must take note of every detail of the accident as you will need to reference them for your accident case. Take pictures of the wrecked cars from various angles using a camera or your phone. Note the names, contacts, and addresses of your passengers. Note the exact time and the location of the accident spot. Take the names and contacts of any eyewitness of the accident as well. Their statements can be precious for your case during the court proceedings. You should even note the name and batch number of the police officer who comes to examine the accident.
  6. Exchange information– Also take information about people in the other car. Take the information about their insurance policies as well. The other driver may also ask for your name, address, and contact, which you shouldn’t have any problem in giving.
  7. Notify your insurer– Most of the insurance companies require you to report the accident immediately after it occurs, in order to make you eligible for any recovery. 
  8. Contact a lawyer- Call an attorney as he can help you to handle the situation properly. Sometimes it might be best to contact a personal injury lawyer first to help guide you on how best to file a claim and deal with your insurance company.

What to do after a car accident injury? There will be situations where you may be seriously injured and may not be able to do some of the above. In that case, you should follow these steps after a car accident injury;

  • Muster your strength to move away from more harm – Sometimes people may be involved in a serious dangerous accident where the injury is severe. In this case, muster all the strength you have and move away to safety. Sometimes if one doesn’t move their car may explode or get hit by other cars.
  • Call 911 if you can move and request an ambulance– When involved in a car accident that you are seriously injured, the first thing is to muster all the steps you can and call to request an ambulance immediately.

Focus on your safety. When one is seriously involved in a serious accident with injuries the first thing is to focus on safety. Some of the above-mentioned checklists can come later which your family members and the personal injury claim experts you will hire can get information for.

Checklist of what not to do after a car accident

Having a what not to do after a car accident checklist is just as important as knowing the step of what to do after a car accident. So, it is important that you know the following strategies.

  1. Don’t talk much with the other party about the accident- You need not discuss the accident with the other party. You need not talk about how you feel or whose fault it was. You also need not share any information other than what is essential.
  2. Talk carefully with the police officer– You need to be very careful while reporting to a police officer. You should think well before speaking anything regarding the accident. If asked about your injuries, never say things like “I’m fine” or “I’ll be okay”. You should rather say that you are not sure. You should never admit that you had made any fault, even if you think so.
  3. Giving a statement to your insurer– You should not make any statement before your insurance company without discussing it with your lawyer or they may take advantage of anything that you say.

So, now that you know the Do s and the Don’t s after a car accident, you will be able to handle the accident case in a better way.

You’ll also be able to claim and receive the settlement for the losses you underwent due to the other driver’s fault.

Get help today by discussing your case with a lawyer

As mentioned above knowing what to do after a car accident is very important as this will aid you when you file a lawsuit to get compensated, especially, when a significant accident injury is involved.

So now that you have the steps and checklist for the question car accident what to do, it is time to speak with an auto accident law firm to get a free consultation on your case about filing a claim.