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To fully recover the highest financial compensation for your 18 wheeler, bigs rigs, or semi-truck accident case you will need the right truck accident lawyer’s help. 

There is no doubt about the benefits of a truck accident lawyer.

You see 18 wheelers, big rigs, or semi-truck accidents are generally very devastating( According to The National Safety Council, over 5000 people died from truck crashes in 2019 alone, and the number has increased by 36% since 2010) especially if the other vehicle is a smaller vehicle like cars, leave alone a pedestrian or bicycle.

The resulting damages are often very big, and so are the settlements.

Since a lot is at stake, it is highly recommended to take the legal help of a professional 18 wheeler, big rigs, or semi-truck accident lawyer.

The reality is that this type of accident attorneys are experts in holding everyone responsible for your injuries accountable and maximizing your injury compensation.

Read more below to see some reasons why you should hire truck accident lawyers.

Should I really hire a truck accident lawyer?

Yes, you should. You see when it comes to truck accidents, you can get compensated even when you are at fault.

Most people are not aware of this. In some states, this is called comparative negligence or fault.

And you need an experienced and skilled semi-truck and 18 wheeler accident lawyer who understands this law and use it to establish liability accordingly to increase your compensation amount.

The comparative negligence law basically awards compensation based on the percentage of ones cause to the accident.

For example, if it is determined that you caused the accident by contributing 40 percent then you will get 60 percent compensation.

Your lawyer will be experienced in your state laws and use it to make sure that you get compensated fairly and blames for all the accidents which some insurance companies love to do.

Another benefit of hiring a truck accident lawyer is that they can help you hold more people accountable for your injuries and property damages.

Most people assume that they can only hold the driver or driver’s insurance company accountable but the truck manufacturer, employers, contractors, truck companies, and the government entities that handle the road and signs can also be held accountable.

The more people that can be held accountable the more compensation you can get.

A truck accident lawyer or law firm also knows how to play ball with insurance companies and has the resources to go to trial.

Also, most personal injury law firms handling truck accidents work with a lot of doctors who can treat you before your case settles. This is handy for those without insurance.

As you can see the benefits of hiring truck accident attorneys are huge.

The truck accident laws and the processes of getting compensated are complicated so you need the right representation who understands these laws and processes to help you.

Tips for hiring and finding the right semi-truck, big rigs, and semi-truck 18 wheeler accident attorney

Winning any type of truck accident requires experience and skill. This is why you want to make sure that you look for and hire the best personal injury attorney to handle your case. If you hire the wrong representation you can put your damage recovery in jeopardy. Below are some tips on where to look and questions to ask to find truck accident lawyers, questions to ask and things to look out for to pick the right one for your case.

Where to look

  • Search for personal injury, auto, or truck accident lawyer(s) on google or bing
  • Yelp
  • Search on google maps and read reviews
  • Your local or state bar association website
  • Local business directors online or newspaper

Picking the right lawyer to hire

Here are some things and questions to lookout when deciding which law firm or lawyer to hire:

  • Experience and skills in handling similar cases like yours.
  • Courtroom experience: Some lawyers that deal with personal injury cases are not experienced in a trial as most cases settle.
  • Small or large firm: Decide if you prefer a solo, small law firm, or large firm. Some solo firms may offer personal attention but lack the resource to handle your case. While some law firms may have the resources but won’t offer personal attention to your case.
  • Are they licensed?
  • Do they have a lot of complaints or have ever been disciplined by their state bar.
  • Their process in handling cases.
  • The most and lowest amount they have won for similar case(s)

Types of damages you can get recoveries for

You or the attorney representing you can demand recovery for your economic as well as non-economic damages. Your truck accident lawyer can get a recovery for these:

Economic losses:

  • Damage to your vehicle (if it is involved in the accident)
  • Fee for medical care and treatment
  • Hospitalization charges
  • Lost wages during your medical recovery
  • Decreased working ability

Non-economic damages:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental impairment and trauma
  • Disfigurement
  • Decreased ability to enjoy life and relationships

The economic damages are easy to calculate and prove. The non-economic damages are, however, difficult to prove and express in the courtroom.

So, maximizing your recoveries for these non-economic damages requires that an experienced truck accident attorney fights your case.

If the accident cost the life of a loved one, then you can also get compensation equal to the lifetime emotional and financial support the deceased would’ve provided you.

In case of extreme negligence or carelessness shown by the truck driver, the court can even award “punitive damage” to punish the guilty and establish a standard.

How does a truck accident lawyer get paid for representing clients?

You are probably wondering how do I pay for my attorney fees? Well, the good news is that truck accident lawyers typically represent semi-truck, bigs rigs, and 18 wheeler accident cases based on contingency arrangements.

What this means is that the lawyer doesn’t get paid unless they recover damages for you. And if they get a settlement they will get a percentage of the compensation.

The typical semi-truck or 18 wheeler accident lawyer contingency fee percentage can range from 25% to 40%. And the average contingency fee is 33%.

Types of truck accidents

Trucks are quite different from other vehicles in that they are far larger and heavier, making them difficult to be handled. These are the most common types of truck accidents:

  1. Head-on collisions– Head-on collisions occur when a truck driver or other motorist suddenly cross a lane of active traffic. These accidents are highly impactful and can be very dangerous and even fatal.
  2. Sideswipes– Sideswipes occur when truck drivers try to switch lanes without noticing any motorist in the blind spot of the truck. The incoming vehicle, as a result, collides with the side of the truck or the trailer.
  3. Ran out of the lane– In this case, the truck driver directs the truck out of lane due to some sudden obstacle or some other reason, resulting in a collision with any structure or incoming traffic.
  4. Jackknife– This type of accidents occur when the driver driving a truck with a heavy trailer suddenly applies the brakes, resulting in the trailer slide to make an angle with the truck.
  5. Rollover– When a truck is heavily loaded or if the load is not distributed properly, then while taking a sharp turn at high speed, the truck may topple along one of its sides and roll by an angle of 90°.
  6. Rear-end collisions– Due to their high momentum, large trucks take a significant distance to stop after the brakes are applied. This leads to their collisions with the vehicles ahead of them. These are the most common types of truck accidents.
  7. Underride accidents– The trucks are much higher than cars or other passenger vehicles and have a large ground clearance as well. This makes the other smaller vehicles to slip below the truck in a crash and getting smashed under it, which may be fatal for its passengers.
  8. Bridge collisions– Sometimes, drivers of large trucks fail to take note of the height restrictions in a given route due to overhead structures like bridges and overpasses and collides with them.

So, the trucks have a very high potential of causing serious injuries and damages to physical structures. So, a well-learned truck accident lawyer is needed to study and represent your sensitive case.

Common truck accident injuries

The injuries from a bigs rigs, 18 wheeler or semi truck accident can be very severe and fatality is not rare in accidents of a truck with small vehicles or pedestrians. The most common injuries are:

  1. Neck and back injuries- Neck and back injuries (whiplashes) are the most common types of injury a driver can get from the accident.
  2. Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries- Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are very dangerous injuries and can lead to partial or complete paralysis.
  3. Broken bones and fractures are also very common injuries in these accidents.
  4. Injuries in internal organs like the heart, lungs, livers, and so on.

Even if your injury seems minor you should still call and hire a semi-truck or 18 wheeler accident lawyer to represent you. Sometimes these injuries will take months or years to manifest.

The statute of limitations for truck accident claims

The statute of limitations for truck accidents is the time limit which varies from state to state. It also varies from the type of entity that hits you.  For example, in Florida,

  • If you were injured or had to suffer property damage in a truck accident, then you are required to claim a settlement within four years from the date of the accident.
  • If you lost any close one in a truck accident, then you must file the lawsuit for wrongful death and claim compensation within two years from the accident.
  • For other personal injury claims, it is four years.

Here is an example of other states for truck accident injury claim, two years in Texas, two years in California( in California you have 6 months for government entities), and three years in Michigan.

Always consult with a lawyer to make sure that you can still file a case and contacting one on time instead of waiting is highly recommended. If you miss your status of limitation you can’t file a lawsuit. It is really hard to get compensated if you miss your deadline.

Facts and statistics you should know

Large trucks generally weigh between 20 to 30 times an average car. This makes the car driver and passenger dramatically more vulnerable to injuries than the truck driver. These are some surprising facts and statistics about truck crashes in the year 2015:

  • About 4,067 people died and 116,000 people injured in automobile accidents involving large trucks. The deaths increased by 4% from 3,908 the previous years.
  • 433,000 large trucks were involved in police-reported truck crashes
  • Out of these fatalities, only about 16% were the occupants of the trucks
  • About 74% of these people were the occupants of cars or other passenger vehicles which collided with the truck.
  • Rest 10% of the fatalities were pedestrians or bicyclists.

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