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Personal Injury Lawyer

Those who maximize their injury claim usually do something right: hire a personal injury lawyer.

Because of how complicated injury claim laws are, the right personal injury lawyer can help get your rights protected.

As an injury victim, your primary focus should be to get well and maximize your financial compensation. And a personal injury lawyer is your best bet in accomplishing that.

The primary focus of a personal injury lawyer is to help their client maximize their auto accident and other injury claims by offering aggressive and skilled negotiations and litigation with the defendants.

So What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who practices in the area of the law called tort law. A personal injury lawyer is also referred to as a trial lawyer or attorney. Because of different state laws pertaining to injury claims and the insurance companies being notorious in taking advantage of victims, you will rather have these lawyers on your side than not.

This type of civil attorneys can help their injury victims get treatment on their injury before the case settles, negotiate with the insurance company of the defendant for financial compensation, and represent you in a court trial should negotiations fail.

So should you hire the best personal injury lawyer near you to handle your personal injury case or deal with the insurance company directly is one of the questions some people involved in a car accident or other injuries will like to know the answer to.

An experienced personal injury attorney law firm can make a difference in the amount of compensation you get for your personal injury case.

Please feel free to call 866-806-3079 to schedule a free consultation before or after reading the information on this website so you can be connected with a legal professional.

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What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury lawyer exists because of personal injuries and the law that require that victims get compensated. So what is a personal injury claim? Personal injury includes injuries to the mind or body because of someones else’s negligence or intentional actions.

The most prevalent personal injuries claims are accidents at work, traffic road accidents, product defect accidents, premises liability issues, and assault.

Personal injury also includes professional and medical malpractice issues.

At least at some point in our life, we have found ourselves being victims of the above scenarios. Injuries sustained from such accidents and other types of injuries depend on the degree of harm.

Brain damage, spinal cord injuries, burns, and broken bones are also associated with such accidents. The good news is that there are lawyers who can help us recover financial compensations when we become victims of these injuries.

Types Of Personal Injury Lawyers 

A personal injury lawyer handles all kinds of personal injury cases. So if you are looking for the below type of injury-related attorneys click below to learn more.

Even if your injury is not listed above, you should still contact an injury law firm to see if they can help you get compensation for your injuries or property.

When To Hire Personal Injury Lawyer?

personal injury lawyers claim

Some people when they have a personal injury case, they believe that they can handle it alone without the help of personal injury lawyers. It is highly recommended that you seek an experienced personal injury lawyer help whenever you are involved in any time of injury that is the full or partial fault of someone else. Here are just a few of the benefits on why we recommend that you seek an attorney representation:

  •  They can help you get your motor vehicle repaired or replaced
  • They can help you get compensation for your rental
  • They can help you get compensated for medical bills
  • They can help get you paid for your emotional and physical pain
  • They can help you get any loss of wage earnings
  • They can help you get compensated for future potential wage loss

The above are just a few ways you can get compensated when involved in an accident or injury that is because of others negligence or partially your fault( this is called comparative negligence, so see the section before for overview of it). Speaking with an experienced law office with the skills can help get the highest compensation.

Serious injuries can completely change the life of the victim. Victims of serious personal injuries spend most of their life resting at home or hospital. Personal injury has an impact on the family of the casualty.  For very long duration, injuries may render a person incapable of working to provide and care for his or her family.

All victims of personal injuries are entitled to compensation for lost wages, damages, and medical expenses. Therefore, if you have injuries inflicted by the negligence of another person, seek remedy by hiring an attorney. All victims of a car accident, medical malpractices, work-related accidents, and other injuries have a right to be compensated.

Any person who wishes to be compensated for injuries should seek a trial lawyer like a personal injury lawyer with experience in the field of personal injury.

Fortunately, there are many attorneys who have years of experience in the areas of personal injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney will help to institute legal proceeding against the wrongdoer. Lawyers for personal injury can also help in giving legal advice to the victims of personal injury.

A good trial lawyer should believe that everyone deserves the best legal help and makes it his or her ultimate goal to provide that by going the extra mile. So if you or a loved one have been involved in an auto accident or got injured by others call to be connected with someone to help you get compensated. Most personal injury lawyers offer NO WIN NO PAY guarantee for all potential clients. If you are still wondering whether you should hire a personal injury lawyer, especially, if you or loved was involved in a traffic collision read this blog titled  Should I Get An Attorney After A Car Accident.

Status Of Limitation: Find a Personal Injury Law Firm To Help You File Your Case Before Time Runs Out

Each state has a specific deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit. This deadline is called the personal injury statute of limitation. When you contact an attorney, he or she will let you know if your case is still eligible to be filed under your state status of limitation laws.

Before you contact a personal injury lawyer, here are general things to keep in mind about the personal injury status of limitation:

  • The personal injury status of limitations ranges from one to six years in different states
  • There is a difference between the injury and the property damage status of limitation in personal injury cases – for example, in a car accident personal injury,  the status of limitation will be two years for the injury and three for the property damage
  • In some states, you can extend the status of limitation but they are only granted by the court in extreme situations
  • In most states, personal injury cases, the status of limitations starts on the day of the injury
  • The personal injury status of limitations are different when the injury is caused by a state or federal entity

As you can see from the above, personal injury status of limitations are complicated so the faster you get your case filed by a personal injury attorney the better. Do not wait for time to pass by. Seek help to recover the compensations you deserve for your property damages and pain & sufferings.

Know About Comparative Negligence In Personal Injury Cases

Often times people will assume that personal injury lawyers can only get them compensation for their injuries when someone else is at fault. However, that is not true. There is a law in many states called comparative fault or negligence that allows a victim of an injury to still get compensated even if that victim contributed to the injury.

This law basically looks at the percentage of each involved party contribution to the injury and award compensation based on that. So let’s say for example that your lawyer or law firm can prove that the defendant contributed 80% percent to the injury, they will be responsible for 80 percent of the damages.

You have to keep in mind that the law varies from state to state. Some states like California and Florida are pure comparative negligence states, while states like New Jersey and Texas use the 50% rule.

What To Expect When You Contact An Attorney For A Personal Injury Claim

Most personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation. Typically when you call a personal injury law firm, an intake person will get a brief description of your case and then schedule for you to speak with an actual attorney in person or on the phone.

Sometimes if the law firm is small you can speak with the attorney directly on your first call. For your consultation, the attorney or law firm would like you to bring in any evidence related to your case. During the free consultation, the lawyer will typically ask you some questions and then go over your options.

If you or love was involved in an accident or injury that was not your fault or partially your fault contact us to be connected with a personal injury law firm near you.

Personal Injury Statistics In U.S

Most civil litigation cases in the U.S are personal injury lawsuits. According to this website, the most common personal injury lawsuit is traffic accidents. Other Of the traffic crashes lawsuits, a car accident is the most common traffic accident personal injury cases. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2016, there were 37,000 plus deaths from road accidents throughout the United State.

It is estimated that besides the death from traffic collisions, over 3 million people will have permanent injuries as a result of these accidents.

Also, according to The U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics of the 26,928 real property, contract and tort trials in 2005 alone, about 60% were some sort of personal injury.

According to estimates, less than 5% of personal injury cases only go to a trail as most settle out of court. This is why making sure that the attorney for personal injury that you hire has exceptional negotiation skill besides trial skills.

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If you or love was involved in an accident that was not your fault or partially your fault, call the number on this website to be connected with a personal injury lawyer near you who might be able to help you recover the damages that you deserve. Most lawyers represent their clients on a contingency fee basis which means that there will be no money out of your pocket to hire he or her. So you do not need to worry about having the money to hire a lawyer for your injury claim. For a more general overview of how a personal injury attorney contingency fees work and if you have questions on how much a car accident lawyer charge to represent injury victims read this blog.

Please call our injury helpline now to speak with someone to explore your options. The right personal injury lawyer near you can make your case easy.

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